The ISCB Conference Awards for Scientists (CASc) are available to biostatisticians from the countries underdeveloped in clinical biostatistics to provide financial support for their active attendance at the 2020 ISCB Annual Meeting and presenting their original previously unpublished research. Previously awarded applicants (by the ISCB or similar scientific institutions) are therefore not eligible to apply for the 2020 ISCB CASc award. One may, of course, apply for an award in parallel with different scientific bodies which is not a problem when submitting original research.

Up to three ISCB CASc awards may be granted in 2020. Applications are invited from all areas of biostatistics, including clinical and biomedical research, epidemiology, clinical pharmacology, vaccines research, hospital performance evaluation, survival analysis, causal inference, genomics and system biology, functional analysis, etc. However, applications with purely theoretical content or those involving mere routine data analyses are not encouraged.

The guidelines for the CASc awards and the application form are detailed in this document. The applicants are further asked to submit their abstract using abstract submission and registration website of the 2020 ISCB Annual conference and notify the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) that they are applying for the CASc award by checking appropriate checkbox at the website. The evaluation of the abstract by the Scientific Program Committee will be independent from the evaluation by the CASc Sub-committee.

Closing date for the CASc applications is Monday 16 March 2020 (24 hours CET).